Investment Planning

Finwel specializes in providing clients with a wide portfolio of investment opportunities suited to businesses or individuals.

By carefully constructing and managing individualized portfolios, our clients enjoy the benefit of proven instinct and expertise of the Finwel team to guide and manage investments to ensure that their capital is always working optimally to achieve growth through a wide range of opportunities including:

Local investments


This is a tax-efficient medium- to long-term investment that pays out a lump sum after a specific period.

Flex Investments

Flexible Investment Plans allow you to save for short, medium and long-term life goals while providing you immediate access to your funds for those unexpected life events.

Guaranteed Plans

Guaranteed Plans give you a guaranteed return on your lump-sum contribution at the end of five years. These plans allow you the guaranteed growth and security of your investment. Choose the plan that fits your profile:

  • Guaranteed Growth Plan
  • Guaranteed Income Plan

International Investments

Finwel gives you the variety and flexibility you need to invest offshore. We offer a wide range of offshore funds, managed by some of the most experienced global fund providers. Our Off-shore plans offer you the opportunity of international diversification by currency, geographic region and asset class.

  • Endowment platform
  • Flex investment platform
  • Alternative Private equity Platform

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